Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Rain, No Gain

We recently celebrated with John and Kelly as John graduated from Talbot with his Master's degree in Philosophy. It was a nice celebration: great food, pleasant company, and...pouring rain. That's right. The deGrassie's and the Feely's have once again celebrated a great occassion with buckets of rain. Our first occured last summer when we vacationed together in New Jersey and it rained 6 out of the 7 days. The second time was a couple of months ago in Carlsbad when our nice weekend out became an indoor game night. And then this one. The crazy thing is it seems to be getting worse! This was the worst thunderstorm we've had in a long time. I guess we should be glad that we don't have weddings coming up. I think we'd be doomed.

Smiles of relief and's been a long two years!

Congratulations, John!

Curtis Gets Hitched

This past weekend, Robby and I drove over to Saratoga, near San Jose, to celebrate Curtis Bronzan's wedding day with him. Robby was a groomsman, so we were part of all the wedding fun. Above, Robby is able to snag Curtis for just a moment. You know how hard it is to get a picture with the bride or groom!
Lovely bouquets on every table. Nothing says a beautiful spring wedding more than a burst of flowers.

Not only was the wedding beautiful, but it was a lot of fun! You can tell I'm having lots of fun, can't you? :)

Such a beautiful wedding cake. The entire wedding was truly stunning.It was hard not to take a picture around every corner. Everything was so picturesque. This is the outside of the grounds where the wedding was held.

We had a wonderful time and were thrilled to see Curtis and Cassie (his bride) so happy. And although the drive was a bit long, it was almost worth it when we stopped by Casa de Fruta on the way back. Both Robby and I had vague memories of being there and were happy to see it looked much as we remembered it.

To many more weddings!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


What a lucky girl am I! I was able to spend lots of time this weekend with my two best friends -- husband best friend and girl best friend. On Saturday, Kelly and I had a great girl's day out--shopping at Fashion Island and walking around at Newport Beach. Robby was stuck doing a project at church all day, but he and I went out for tasty dessert at Cheesecake Factory that evening and then had a nice afternoon together on Sunday playing Super Nintendo. (That's right...who needs all the fancy new video games? We ROCK at Super Nintendo!)

Waiting outside Cheesecake. I tried the tiramisu for the first time.
Pretty good, but next time, I'm going with the classic cheesecake.

Stopping on the pier for a picture. I love the blue behind us.

We hunted for Shaved Ice and finally found some!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lovely Days in SoCal

Robby and I had ourselves a short getaway in Oceanside this past weekend. We had planned it awhile ago, not knowing if we'd be able to do something for our anniversary next month. The hotel was lovely and had a beautiful ocean view, and the weather was fantastic. It couldn't have been a more perfect weekend in SoCal.
We arrived back at our hotel just in time for the sunset. Although the sun is faint, you can see it just above the horizon.
The view from the balcony was outstanding. After many takes, we finally got one good picture!
Another picture from on top.
We went to a place called Rockin' Baja for dinner. It is a Mexican/Seafood place with really good food, but a bit pricey, so watch out if you ever go! You can order "buckets" of food. We ordered the "Macho Meat Bucket," which gave us spicy-barbeque ribs, carne asada, grilled chicken, and carnitas. They serve the bucket with warm tortillas, chips, and salsa. We were smart and ordered the bucket for one and still had food left over!
The restaurant is located in Oceanside Harbor. I just love harbors, and you can't beat this evening sky.

We stopped for a photo by the water.

Playing with the camera - sepia tone!

Robby heads out for one last swim.

We had a wonderful time and dreamt of someday living by the ocean. We can dream, can't we?