Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun with the Fam

This past week, the Vander Kooi and Verwey families spent their time in the sun together, and no minute went by without fun fun fun. The only sad part? Robby couldn't come. He was working as a counselor at camp for the week. But you won't be able to tell I was sad by these pictures. I promise I missed you, hon!

Mom + the Girls: Can, Chels, Beebs, and Car (as we all call each other)
My cousin Kara and I stop for a quick picture together. Things may have changed in our lives (ie husbands and babies for her), but we're still best pals.

Kara's son Kase was a little fish. He would go from pool to spa as many times as his mom would let him. More fish! Carly and Chelsea enjoy a bubbly they can sit in.

The "little" girls who are not so little anymore: Alison, Camille, Carly, and Amy

Dad getting ready to take a bite out of lobster. It looks like his hand is a claw! Silly Camille
Carly and Chelsea looking like hot beach babes
Gorgeous in green!

Lounging like there's no tomorrow...but tomorrow has come since we're all back in the heat of the valley! Can't wait for next year! And hopefully my husband will be able to join me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Mouse

That is indeed a giant half-wheel of cheese! My parents received it as a sort of gift, and we've barely trimmed it. If you're in the area and want cheese, you know where to go.

On to an unrelated story, more for Chelsea's sake: My two little cousins Cate and Will are staying with us for a couple of days. Cate is absolutely terrified of Baby (the dog), with good reason--Baby barks and growls at her every time she walks into the room. Last night, Cate was headed off to bed, and I could see she had something stuffed inside of her nightie. When I went in their room to help get them ready, she pulled out her little stuffed bear and said she had to hide it from Baby or else Baby would try to take it. This is true. Baby has stealthily gone into Cate's bag and pulled out not one but two of her little stuffed toys. We think it's kind of funny. Cate does not.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Central Valley Babies

One of the best parts about being back in Visalia is getting to see friends and family we've not seen for awhile. But there have been great changes that have taken place since we've left. Many of those people now have little people of their own! Here is a look at some of my favorite local babies:
Kara and her son Kase stopped by for a quick hello. Steph, Molly, and Will celebrated at Will's baby shower on Saturday.
I was able to snag Steph for a moment!Molly kind of stole the spotlight from her little brother since she's so fun!
I know you're all thinking I have the baby-bug, but just to put to rest any rumors, there are no babies on the way for us! For now, we'll just enjoy visits...and our sleep!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Extravaganza

You know your friends are dedicated when they go to not one but two family events on the Fourth of July. We started at the VK's house and had a barbeque (very tasty food!), and then went to Robby's parents' home for fresh-made dessert and exciting fireworks.

JK wait with excitement for the fireworks.
Getting the fireworks all in place...
...then setting them up just perfectly...
...and voila!
We have a fireworks show!

We really did have quite the show because the last firework Rob set off exploded! It exploded the wrong way fireworks are supposed to explode. It sounded like a bomb went off right in front of us, and pieces of plastic flew everywhere. Luckily, no one was hurt, although it took us a few minutes to all recover.
Another exciting day in the life of Rob and Candace Feely.

JK's 2nd Visit

This weekend, we were thrilled that John and Kelly came and visited again. We had a great time going to the cabin in Three River's where we ate pizza, played cards, worked on a puzzle, and watched "So You Think You Can Dance." Yes, I know: We are party-animals.

John was not too happy with Rob, since Rob beat us all in Hearts. It may not come as much of a surprise that Kelly and I were third and last place.
But, John redeemed himself and showed he has the faster hands in a match of Speed.

Ugly Morning Pictures (listed in no particular order):
1. Kelly
2. Candace
3. Robby
4. John A little visitor stopped by for some bird seed.And on the way out, we just had to stop at the must-visit destination in Three Rivers.

Our favorite pick from Reimer's: the yummy English toffee. You all must try it.

Our New Home

As most of you know, Robby and I are staying with my parents until we find a home of our own. When we tell our friends that we are living with Mom and Dad, they are immediately worried for us :) But, don't be! It's really a great set-up. We have our own room (obviously), our own little living room area, and our own bathroom, all of which are on their own side of the house. So really, it's about the same size as our old apartment, except now we have a pool, cable, and an indoor laundry machine! I know you're all jealous now.
Our bedroom

Our living room area
Our bathroom
As you can see, there's lots of room, which means you all have a place to stay when you come and visit. John and Kelly have already visited twice!
And the best part of the new home is... BABY!!!
(Chels, I put this picture on just for you!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Only in Visalia...

Last night, Rob was ushered in to his new ministry position in a very unusual way: a cow crisis. About 8:00 last night, Rob received a call from Mark (the pastor at Sierra Baptist) who was at a Bible study with a number of church people. The owners of the house have a few beef cows, and one of the cows was having a difficult time calving. They called Rob, knowing Rob's father-in-law is a dairy buff, and asked if he knew of a vet who could come and help. My dad didn't think his vet would be able to get out there, so he and Robby went over there to assess the situation. They stopped by our dairy, picked up some supplies needed to help deliver the calf, and went on their way. (Note: Robby knows nothing about delivering a baby cow. Just in case you were wondering.)

When they got out to the house, they had a hard time getting the cow in a place where my dad could pull the calf, but finally they did. But then, the cow jumped through the fence and got away. After finally getting the cow back in a corner, my dad began straightening out the calf so they could begin pulling it. They got the rope around the calf's legs and everyone (including Robby!) began pulling. When the calf finally came out, it was dead (probably for a number of hours), but the mother's life was saved.

And that marked the beginning of Rob's ministry in Visalia. It is probably very safe to say that something like that would never have happened in Lakewood.

To finish the update, Rob officially began his position today, July 1st. He had a very good day of moving furniture around in his office (that's right--more moving!), running errands, and getting to know Mark a little better.