Sunday, August 31, 2008

Up Close and Personal

We've been missing all of our friends who are far away, so here's a new picture, just in case you've been missing us, too.

Happy Birthday, Dear...

...Deb (reading the hilarious card we gave her) - August 13
...Camille (enjoying her last year of teenage-hood) - August 14
...Dad (looking good with Mom at his party) - August 21
...Chels (excited about her yummy tostada at her birthday dinner) - August 30...and Debbie (with mom-in-law and daughter-in-law) - August 31
We have been busy, busy, busy with birthday parties and celebrations. August is finally over, and so are the numerous August birthdays. We love all of you, but couldn't you have spaced out your days of birth a little better?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Nathan

We were so blessed to have Deb and baby Nathan come and visit in Visalia this past week. Here are some favorite pictures of our darling nephew and those who love him.
Nathan and mom
Nathan and Uncle Robby
Nathan just being he always was!

Early Christmas Gift!

Two weeks ago, Robby and I purchased a very big Christmas gift for ourselves: a new house! It will be officially finished on December 23rd, just in time for us to move in and have Christmas in a new home. We are so excited! Just four months to go, and then we will have a place for all of our dear friends to come and stay. Start marking your calendars!
Here's a picture from this past week. Just two weeks earlier, it was only a pile of dirt.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


On Friday, I received the greatest surprise. During my lunch period, three very familiar faces entered my classroom: Robby, John, and Kelly! Now, Robby lives with me, so seeing him wasn't quite as shocking as seeing the deGrassie's!!! They drove all the way from Whittier just to support me during my first week teaching.
Great minds think alike: Kelly and I were dressed the same!

Say Cheese, deGrassie's!I had to finish my day, so John and Kelly went back to the house. When I finally was able to leave and get back home, another surprise greeted me. Dave was visiting, too! Our three visitors, Robby, and I headed up to the cabin in Three Rivers (see previous post) and had a nice evening hanging out and watching the Olympics. The next morning, the guys went fishing up in Sequoia National Park, and Kelly and I headed down to have breakfast and shop. The deGrassie's had to leave us Saturday evening, but Dave stayed another night and went to church and lunch with us. (Thanks, Dave, for the great picture you took of you three.)It was a wonderful weekend, a fantastic surprise, and a fitting reminder that I have the best friends in the world. I love you guys!

Good-bye, Summer

This week, my summer officially ended, and the new school year began. After about five days of orientation and many many hours working in my classroom, I was ready to start teaching at Green Acres Middle School. I have about 105 or so 8th graders whom I see everyday for a block, two hours at a time. We got through Back to School Night last Tuesday and our first two days on Thursday and Friday. I have to say it went well! Eighth graders definitely demand more attention and energy, but overall I feel that what I have learned teaching high school easily adjusts to fit middle school students.

Some of you may remember that I was feeling very hesitant about taking this job, but I firmly know now that this is where God wants me to be. The staff at this school is wonderful, and already a number of Christians teachers have introdruced themselves to me. God truly is providing, as He always does.

So, it is Sunday night, and tomorrow is the beginning of my first full week. To be hoenst, I am feeling exhausted already! But there is a reason I didn't get as much rest this weekend as I anticipated, which I will explain in my next blog entry.

Classroom Picture #1: Students have no excuse for spelling my name incorrectly!Classroom Picture #2: Yes, I am attemping groups this year.
Classroom Picture #3: Every classroom needs a cute calendar.

Keep praying for me! I need it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Visitors Again...

Now that Robby and I are residents in Visalia again, we became official visitors of the Whittier area last weekend. Last Thursday, we drove right past our old apartment and headed to John and Kelly's where we spent two days with them. Although the short trip was packed, we had time to visit the beach, go out to dinner, watch a four hour movie, and even make it to coffee and lunch with Dave and Andrea. (Sorry you two...we forgot to snap a photo!)
There is nothing like spending a beautiful afternoon at Huntington beach with friends.
Robby and I definitely have missed the beach. I'm glad he has friends who don't mind the freezing water, so I can just soak up the sun.Rob and John found sea shells and a sea creature! We're not sure what this is (some type of sea horse?), but it is strange.
After the beach, we got cleaned up and went to dinner and dessert.
Thanks you two for such a fun time! And Dave and Andrea, next time we need to get a picture! This is a good one, though!
Our trip to our home-not-too-long-ago was short, but so very sweet. We miss you all!