Friday, May 29, 2009

The End is Near

Only three more days to go (and they're half days at that!) I'm getting like I always get at the end of teaching: So ready for it to be done and yet somewhat depressed that the year's almost over. It's a strange thing really, but I suppose it's natural. I have been with these students every day for the last 10 months (minus weekends) for two hours at a time. They have made me lose my mind at times, but they have also made me smile and laugh. Perhaps most importantly, they have forced me to rely upon God. There is no way anyone can teach middle school students on her own strength...and choose to come back the next year. (Yes, I have chosen that path. Perhaps I really have lost my mind!)

Let the countdown begin!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to Whittier

We finally made it to John and Kelly's home to celebrate Kelly's birthday. We, as is the usual custom, packed in as much as we could: a trip to Huntington, dessert at Cheesecake Factory, shopping, fish tacos at Rubio's, and of course just sitting around and talking. This all took place in just over 24 hours. We are getting quite skilled at the one-night visit, although we always leave wishing we had another day.

The best part about visiting JK was getting to see Kelly's growing baby bump! It has been four months since we saw them last, so Kelly looks much more pregnant.
When at the beach, you have to take a beach picture.
Oh, how I miss the beach.
Guys picture at the beach: a little more "posey" than the girls'

Pizza and Pizookie

Last week, we had a mid-week treat and went to BJ's with the Gimlin's. Rob and I had an errand to run in Fresno, so we decided to make the most of it. Although BJ's is like a second home to those of us who went to Biola, the Valley has only been graced by this tasty restaurant in the last couple of years. Since it now is more of a rarity, we went with the classic BJ's meal: barbecue chicken pizza and a chocolate chip pizookie. Yum!

Still Making Progress

I mentioned in a previous post that Will Sario laid concrete for us in the back corner of the yard. We're wanting to build a pergala-type covering, so we have a nice little area to eat and sit...that is when it is not too hot. Hopefully it gets up sooner than later, so we can actually enjoy it before the intense heat settles in.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Golf with the Gimlin's

A couple of weekends ago, we went out with the Gimlin's for dinner and a round of miniature golf at Adventure Park. Although it was a bit chilly, we had a lot of fun showing off our golf "skill." (Ben, Robby, and Steph really did play well. I, on the other hand, am a bit lacking in the miniature golf skill area.) At any rate, it was fun doing something out of the ordinary for us, even if I did have to push the ball in with my foot a couple of times.

A quick shot before the competitive game began

And look, we're all still friends even halfway through!

Steph was the only one with a hole in one! Impressive! But even a hole in one is not as special as having a whole bait shop named after you. Good to know there's always another career Robby can go into in case the pastor thing doesn't work out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Dull Weekly Update

Okay, I said I'm not the type to write these weekly updates, but I have no cute pictures to post and yet I don't want my last blog to be from April. So here goes. This has been a busy week. (It seems I always say that.) We had Bible study, Open House at school, cleaning and Costco, Mother's Day dinner, and working on the backyard. It's Friday night, and I'm finally sitting down for the first time, still without having a real night off this week. Tomorrow will be busy again, as the Sario's will be coming over (Will is graciously helping Robby put in a patio in the backyard), so Steph and the kids and I will get to hang out. Sunday is church and Mother's Day, and Monday it starts all over again.

As I said, not much to say, nothing interesting to post, but at least the little date at the top will be in May instead of April.