Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carlsbad 2009

Our annual family vacation was once again fantastic. We did all of the usuals: went to the beach, hung out with family (and friends), and ate tasty food together.

Fish Faces! These are happy fish faces - for having such a great time at the beach.
Read on for a small glimpse of our great week. How sad that a whole year must go by before we get to do this again!


Eating at Joe's Crab Shack
Need a bib?
Ice Cream Treat


Getting ice cream
Sitting around

JK Visit at the Beach

John and Kelly came for the day.
Yummy lunch in Carlsbad
Under the umbrella

Beachin' It

Happy to be in the sun

Camille and Ali working on their tan
Ready to goKase busy in the sand

Family Photos

The Feely's
Camille and I pose at Joe's Crab Shack

Dad and the girls
Mom and the girls

The "older cousins"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Friends

As our backyard has more and more plant life in it, we are beginning to see more and more creatures. All of a sudden, we have butterflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies, big birds, little birds, and (my favorite!) hummingbirds.

One tiny hummingbird sits in the elm tree. In the sunlight, its feathers had a green shimmer, so it blended into the tree very nicely.
We hung a hummingbird feeder to encourage our little friends to keep coming.

That Darn Cat

Calla goes to sleep with us at night, but early in the morning, she wakes Robby up (I'm always sound asleep), and he lets her out in the garage. Then when we wake up later, we let her back in the house. She usually is quite ready to come in, so I was surprised this morning when I was calling her and she wasn't coming. I could hear a little faint meow, so I thought she had found a hiding spot somewhere. After searching the garage, though, I still didn't find her. I heard another tiny meow that seemed to be coming from the car. Yep. The dumb cat had crawled up in the engine. I got Robby, and that began the hour (at least) ordeal to get her out. She had gotten stuck. After trying to coax her out with no luck, Rob had to crawl under the car and undo the drip pan thing to get her out. She was absolutely covered in grease and dirt.

Rescued kitty

Even after her bath, she still has traces of grease.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Plant and Learn

Apparently, there are many plants and flowers that are quite poisonous to cats. While researching a couple of new plants we bought, I found out that many of our backyard plants fit this problem. Fortunately, most of the plants must be ingested in pounds to really have an effect, but there are a couple that are a big no-no for any cat owner. The lantana we recently purchased can be fatal to cats even in small amounts, and the bird of paradise can also have quite a negative effect if the berries are eaten, though not necessarily fatal. Calla is completely uninterested in the bird of paradise plant, which is lacking any berries at the moment, so we'll leave that one for now. However, the lantana was destined to be her lunch if we did not move it. I dug it up yesterday and am waiting to see if I can find it a new home. We replaced the unwanted (but lovely) plant with two new ones that are quite cat friendly. Good thing, too, because I saw Calla eat an entire leaf off of one of them before I could stop her. Crazy cat. Want to have the list for yourself? The Cat Fancier's Association has put a lengthy one together. (I am not part of this association, in case anyone was wondering. I am not that cat crazy.) Check it out at


I always have mixed feelings about Vacation Bible School before it begins. It is quite a lot of work and money. All of last weekend I was preparing for being the music leader. This included learning six songs and all of the (complex!) hand motions that go with them, decorating my room, planning small games and activities for each rotation, and organizing the lesson for each day. By Monday afternoon, I was already exhausted and the week hadn't even started! I was wondering if this really is worth all of the trouble. But by the end of the week, after 12 and a half total hours of being with kids and teaching them about Christ through song, I was sold (again). I of course fell in love with the kids, came to really appreciate my co-workers, and was moved by the fact that God uses all situations for his glory. I look forward to next year's, and hopefully I'll begin the week trusting that God will turn it out for good.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Incredible Shrinking Hair

I am stuck in a never-ending hair cycle. I cut it, grow it out, and gradually start cutting it again. Before I know it, I'm back to a short style and start the process all over again.

December: Long hair
April: First big chop Three hair cuts and only three months later...Short hair again!
I need help...

Summer Life

Our backyard is brimming with life. We shall see if the life survives our hottest summer month and coldest winter month that are still to come.

Mexican Bird of Paradise
Close-up of the flower
Lovely fern-like leavesOklahoma Redbud
Dynamite Crape Myrtle
Green Maple
Breath of Heaven - Sunset Gold
Creeping Fig
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle
Purple Barberry
Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree and Redbud
Chinese Elm
Hydrangea, Potato Vine, and Kerria
Irish Moss

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked out and saw my kerrias blooming for the second time this summer. Their yellow flowers look so happy. I just love summer.