Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good times with Dave and Andrea

After months of trying to plan something to work out, Dave and Andrea finally were able to come for another visit this weekend. It's always fun when they're around, and these last few days were no exception. Whether we were lounging around (which we did quite a bit of), making tasty morsels at home, going out for a meal, or playing some mean mini golf, our time was full of laughter. (For your convenience, the pictures below have been sorted by the categories mentioned.)
"Lounging Around" Pictures
1. Andrea getting caught up on some important reading
2. Rob and Dave catching up on some band time together.
3. Rob playing Wii Mario Cart and Andrea online
"Making Tasty Morsels" Pictures
1. My cute fall rice krispy treats
2. Dave working on his awesome chicken tacos he made us
"Going Out" Pictures
1. Looking pretty at Brewbaker's
2. Making the normal "Robby and Candace" picture a bit more interesting with Dave's insertion of a peace hello
3. See how the table is green but the rest is black and white? Neat.
4. Brewbaker's special bubblegum soda
"Mean Mini Golf" Pictures
1. Gotta love the cute putters
2. Hole in one! (Twice, actually!!)3. Group photo
(Note that the person taking the picture for us chose specifically not to follow Robby's instruction of "Move in closer to take the picture.")

Thanks for gracing our home with your presence, Andrea and Dave! Looks like we'll need to do the drive next time. Maybe we can include Disneyland?!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

One spoiled cat

Cat house: $13
Cat brush: $4
Toy mouse: $2
Toy bird (on top of house): $4
The afternoon to sleep undisturbed with your favorite things surrounding you?

Isn't she sweet?

Baby Anna was a joy to see this past week. We're all so happy she is healthy and strong. Just look at that grip of hers!

Ready for Halloween

The other morning I walked out into our backyard and was greeted by this monstrous web in our elm tree. Disgusting! Where there are monstrous webs, there are monstrous spiders. (Actually, I've been informed that this could have been a worm. But I don't believe it. Not for a second. That's just what the spiders want you to believe, so they have an opportunity to sneakily crawl into your hair without you knowing it.)

On a less disgusting note, however, isn't it cool how the moon showed up in this picture? That actually is the moon in the bottom middle part of the photo.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Favorites

I have a few new blogs I've greatly enjoyed lately. Check them out under "Can's Favorites." The new ones have to do with decorating, but I also added Cake Wrecks, which was introduced to me by Stephanie Gimlin. Whether you're looking for a chuckle, inspiration for your home, or just lovely photography, you won't be disappointed with any of these.

Familiar Scents

The strangest thing happened last week. Not once, but twice I smelled smells of the distant past, smells from elementary school in particular, smells that had to do with food. What is strange is I've been working at Green Acres for over a year, and I have passed by the Murphy Center (where food is served) countless times. This past week, however, was the first time I smelled that old familiar smell...the cafeteria. When I was in elementary school, I hated the cafeteria with every fiber of my being. I don't know why it caused such an adverse response in me, but I hated the smells, the lines, the chaos. Most kids looked forward to lunch, and I did too, so long as it didn't include a cafeteria. Strangely enough, two days later I was brought back to 7th and 8th grade, where I would frequently stand in line for my pizza pocket. (Did I really eat those? Disgusting.) This smell was triggered by the teacher's workroom in the office. I suppose someone was heating up a pizza pocket, but again, I'm sure pizza pockets have been consumed by Green Acres teachers before, so why this week?

I don't have any answers. Maybe because it's the beginning of the school year, I am involuntarily visiting old memories of school. But if that's so, why must it be the gross memories of food?

On a related--but stil side--note, I find it very disturbing when one of my middle school students is wearing a cologne or deoderant that reminds me of Robby, especially if it brings me back to our early dating days. A limited number of people should be allowed to wear the same scents. It can be very confusing to our smell-memory.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We finally put bark in our backyard, which means we are at a stopping point. Yay! It has been fun becoming landscapers, but at the same time, it sure makes the weekends go by quickly without much time to rest. I don't know what my husband is going to do with his time, now. He's already brewing up some new plans, but hopefully he'll take some time to rest and enjoy all of his hard work.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another girl and other thoughts

My best friend Kelly finally had her baby. After seeming like she was never going to come out (she was five days after due date), baby Anna entered the world on 9-9-09, weighing just over 8 and a half pounds. She's absolutely beautiful. Both mom and baby are doing well. I'll give more of an update once I get to hold Anna!

With the arrival of Anna, I was thinking about another best friend's baby story and decided to browe through Steph's old posts on her blog when she was writing about the preparation and arrival of Molly. While browsing, I found this adorable photo of her and her husband Will on their wedding day, only fourteen months before Molly came.

So sweet. They look like a cool couple out of the 40's. But what really caught my eye is my mom in the backround. First, it's funny that she's in this picture, really. And second, I do look like my mom!

Yay for wedding and babies, best friends and moms. They all are coming together on this blog to make me smile.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Double the Restaurants...

...Double the Fun!

Last night, we had double the fun with the Gimlin's doing our favorite thing: eating out. We started off at Cafe 225, which was a "new to us in awhile" place to go. It was pretty tasty, and in my book redeemed the last couple of not-so-good experiences we had there. I was all set to order the creme brulee when Ben said it would be fun to go and see a friend of ours working at another restaurant downtown. So, we headed down the street to have dessert and coffee at Tommy's Restaurant. The dessert was very good, and the atmosphere was fun, and the lighting was...missing??! Yep, about halfway through the dessert time, the lights went out, so we enjoyed most of our bread pudding, chocolate-peanut butter pie, and root beer floats by candlelight. It was pretty fun, and we all agreed that it felt like we were at Disneyland.

Stephanie and I were both kicking ourselves that we had forgotten our cameras (something we never do!), as we agreed that a picture of us enjoying desserts in the dark would definitely be blog-worthy. She took one with her phone, though, so once she attempts to post it, I'll link it. Fun, fun.

Chelsea's Birthday Surprise

It's not often you get to really surprise someone with a fantastic gift. We started talking about what to get my sister Chelsea weeks ago. She had recently moved in to a new apartment with a friend, and there were plenty of things she needed. However, getting her a crock pot or new dish towels just didn't seem like the right gift to get her for her 25th. And as much fun as it would be to get her a new car, none of us can afford that. So, we put our heads together (and our pockets) to get her the next best thing to a car...

...a shiny, red bike!
We all met at Henry Salazar's for her birthday dinner, and we claimed that we had forgotten her gifts. (I said that I had ordered her something, and it was on the way.) Robby had sneakily brought the bike earlier and parked it across the street on a bike rack. After dinner, we crossed the street to head to the parking lot, and showed her that great bike. She thought we were kidding at first, but we assured her it was for her. So, she hopped on and took it for a spin. We know she'll have lots of fun living in town and riding her bike to her favorite local places.

Parent Birthdays

Robby's mom and my dad both have birthdays in August, as well as two of my sisters and Deb. It's a busy month for us, but lots of birthdays also mean lots of yummy dinners and cake!

Happy Birthday, Dad (August 21)
...and Happy Birthday, Debbie (August 31)