Sunday, July 24, 2011

Before and After: "New" Chair

This chair has followed me around for sometime.  It had a home in my first classroom and my first apartment, but lately was in hiding as it needed some serious updating.  The red stripes just scream dorm room a little too loudly for my taste these days.  Never fear, though...the Great White Bolt to the rescue!

Although I didn't include a tutorial as I'm not sure how many of you own the $10 Urban Outfitter chair that was on clearance six years ago, I will say doing a simple recover like this is worth your time and money.  Sure, my stitches aren't perfect...but it looks pretty fantastic for $5 of velcro and thread.

A bit young and dated...not to mention scratched up by Calla
In its black underwear!  (Which was much too scratchy to use by itself.)
Oh and remember this?
It was made for this!
Clean and white...who doesn't love that?
Oh and that adorable white ottoman I found at a thrift shop boutique (you do know those exist, right?) for a mere $12.  It even opens to reveal secret storage.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like my hat?

Actually, this is one of those no-sew rolled flowers, times ten.  I made it to go on a pillow but couldn't help pinning it on my head first for a quick photo.  All it needs is a little tulle hanging over the front and I'd be set for a 1940's wedding.

*Thank you for ignoring the un-made bed in the background :)

**Care for a tutorial on the no-sew rolled flower?  Visit Steph's post or My Sparkle for helpful instructions and photos.

The Great White Bolt

Recently my mom was given two huge bolts of thick white fabric.  Being the generous woman she is, she gave me one of them.  We have plans for this fabric (there is a wedding on the way, afterall), but in the meantime I am having a lot of fun using it for whatever sewing whim I have.

Stay tuned for the recent creations with the Great White Bolt...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Flowers for your Anniversary

Yesterday was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary!  We celebrated with them by spending the day by the pool, enjoying yummy food and tasty drinks.  Today as I snapped a few pictures of some new blooms, I was thinking of them.  Here's to you, mom and dad!  To many, many more years together!

Bright purple zinnia, nearly three feet tall!
My favorite this year--a pink coneflower
And a white campanula, the only white one out of about 10 purples

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The white one, please

You would think that with it being summer and all, I would have plenty of time to blog.  However, my life seems to be just the opposite: summer is our busy-every-second-barely-catch-your-breath season, while spring, fall, and winter tend to be much more restful.  So here I am, trying to squeeze a post in, having skipped out on something at church tonight to take a nap and rest a bit :)

We had VBS this past week, which turned out to be a totally exhausting success!  I was the music leader, and we had a blast teaching the kids about Jesus through amazing (and super fun) songs.  As soon as VBS was over, we were hanging out with my three sisters, celebrating Chelsea's recent engagement with wedding dress shopping!!!  Here are a few pictures from our day.  Of course, I have about fifty pictures of Chels in various dresses, but I couldn't very well post those.  You'll just have to stay tuned :)

Pretty bouquet from our garden
Chels all ready to find her dream dress!
Mom and the sisters
Dress shop, fun, fun!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Snippets

I have missed my last two Tidbits Tuesday, the first because we were on vacation, and the second because I spent all my blogging energy on posting about said vacation.  To catch up, I here's a little Saturday Snippets for your reading (and my blogging) pleasure.

  • I spent a little time this afternoon changing my blog.  I was sick of orange, so I went back to blue and birds, which seems to be my default.  I like how it turned out, so it will do for awhile until I can create something I love.  
  • Baking exploits have gone so-so lately.  The homemade ice cream on the Fourth of July was a great recipe except for the fact that we found it too sweet.  I tried to make a caramel sauce to top ice cream and made soft caramel instead...not exactly what I was going for.  In fact, once it hardened, it looked disgusting, as if a layer of lard (which I did not use) found its way to the surface.  Behold the mess:
  • Attempt to fix above mess and make toffee bars with chocolate and sea salt failed, as in the last  fraction of a second the mixture burned.  Oh well...
  • We have spent lots of time in my parents' pool lately.  Hot summers aren't so bad if you have some water to enjoy.  How have you stayed cool?
  • I put in an application to substitute teach for this next school year.  I still want to add more piano students, but it will be nice to have the option to make a little extra money in the meantime.  No doubt there will be more on this if it all works out.
  • As usual, we're planting and gardening.  Lavender, zinnias, coneflowers, and more will be making their blog debut sometime soon.  Tomatoes are doing well (somehow I've avoided the horrible tomato worm that nearly destroyed my mom's crop), and peppers are coming along just beautifully!  My baby pumpkin vines have been planted, and their siblings found homes in seven other people's yards!  I still have two left to give away...yours if you want one :)
  • VBS starts next week, so I am in New York mode!  Our theme is the Big Apple.  Too bad the only piece of clothing I bought while in NY last year was a sweatshirt.  Don't think I'll be sporting that while I'm getting my groove on as the music leader.
Have a happy Saturday.  We're off to watch the Green Lantern with the Gimlin's.  I'll let you know how it is!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wisdom, from the great and small

Two little bits of wisdom came my way from two very different people, one from Bernadine, a woman at church celebrating forty-one years of marriage, and another from my little 10-year-old student.

As Bernadine and I waited for practice to begin, she shared that it is a testimony to the Lord that she and her husband have been married for forty-one years.  She explained there is only one way to do that: become a woman who prays.  Hard times are going to come; disagreements will happen; a desire to give up will no doubt appear.  But according to Bernadine, "That's when you become a prayin' woman."

A day later my ten-year-old piano student was complaining about his knee hurting, a symptom of his growing pains.  As he rubbed his knee, he said, "I hate growing pains."  Then he smiled and added, "But I want to grow."

Wisdom at its finest!  There could be no greater thing than for me to become a praying woman.  And it's clear in Scripture that we become prayin' people when we are faced with things beyond our control, things that are difficult and painful.  Of course we may hate the pain...but hopefully, our desire to grow will be stronger, and we'll be able to overcome through prayer.

A Fun Fourth

Yesterday we celebrated, with every other American, the Fourth of July.  We had the must-have Independence Day food: hotdogs, homemade ice cream, chips, and dips.  Debbie also made an impressive apricot-almond tart, which was just beautiful.  A little swimming, a bit of fireworks, a lot of eating...a successful celebration, if you ask me!  What a privilege it is to live in this country where we have such abundance!  Thanks be to God for his blessings and provision and to those who have served our country for their sacrifice.

Nothing quite like home-made ice cream!
My first time making ice cream!  Of course, Dad and Robby were in charge of it once I poured in the mix while I swam in the pool.
Poor Honey had surgery last week so had to stay inside.  Luckily her bed is by the door, so she could still watch us all from the comfort of her home.
Dad and his "Wall of Suns"
The grill-master!
As well as the Fireworks-Master!  He put on quite a show!
Jerry and Rosalie
Auntie Di and Randy
Debbie and Mom
If you loved the show, raise your hands!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carlsbad 2011

We're back from our annual trip to Carlsbad, which was just fantastic.  We shopped (a lot!), ate, played games, beached it, and spent tons of time with family (minus Chelsea and Camille, who sadly couldn't make it this week) and a few friends, too.  Let me tell you, it's hard coming back to 100+ degree weather after spending a week next to the beach.  Good thing I have a few pictures to remember those glorious days!
Carly and me on the balcony
Getting ready to play Phase 10!
Me and Kara, making sure to get at least one picture together
Mom and Dad on one of our evening strolls
The must-have food picture of Robby
Stopping for a photo after getting Coldstone ice cream
Picture #2 :)
Johnny and Katie
Kara, Kase, and Kody
(Jonathon was home creating a surprise for Kara!)
Enjoying breakfast at the Potato Shack
This was all that was left of the cousins once everyone had to go home.
Look at that giant pancake!
Lovely shopping in Del Mar
Enjoying the best food ever at Poseidon in Del Mar
The boys' table
And of course, one more picture of the two of us :)