Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Simple Snippet

That's right, folks, I am breaking my blog silence!  I have a whole slew of reasons (yes reasons, not excuses) why I haven't been blogging lately.  My new job is on the top of that list, followed by piano, Kids Praise, a new health venture, and then all the fun things for which I gladly give up blog posts, such as family and friends.  The reality is, though, sometimes I hit a blog block....a blogck, if you will.

So, something simple to break that blogck -- A picture of the bridesmaid dress my sisters and I found yesterday while having a super fun shopping day at the Gilroy Outlets, a nice meeting point between San Francisco and Visalia.

It's too bad I can't show you a picture of Chelsea's wedding dress because you could see how fabulous it is that these dresses mimic the folds on the top of her dress.  You'll just have to wait for that post in February.

Here's our lovely BCBG steal, though, in a gorgeous shimmery midnight blue.  We're excited to pick out some amazing jewelry and shoes.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Happiest Day

We've been busy!  Among other things, we also spent yet another fabulous day with our college students here:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oceanside 2011

This past week Robby and I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful week at the beach in Oceanside.  It was fabulous, to say the least.  We slept in, took walks, rode our bikes, shopped, ate delicious food, visited with friends, went to could not get any better!  

We loved riding our bikes to the harbor, which is just a few minutes away.  The fish and chips were amazing!
He's so cute.  And I love the colors of the buildings behind him.
A bike ride along the ocean
Picturesque stopping point
We were able to visit with John and Kelly and gave John an early birthday Toms :)
We also got to have an impromptu shopping trip with Kelly and the kids the next day.  Lucky us!
I told him this looks like a senior picture :)
D-land was all decked out for fall and Halloween.  Love that!
Out of nowhere, it started raining.  So strange!  Luckily it only lasted about 20 minutes.
Fireworks from Disneyland, which we viewed at California Adventure while waiting for World of Color.  Once again, World of Color stole the whole Disneyland show.  
Nothing like Disneyland lit up at night!
Saturday was the perfect beach day.
A fantastic final meal at Pacific 333 and a great last photo!