Sunday, May 18, 2014

Visiting Sequoia National Park

Last weekend Robby and I decided to head up to Three Rivers and then Sequoia National Park for the day. It has been quite some time since I've been up to the giant trees. I'm sure it goes without saying that they were awesome! I forget how insanely humongous they are.

The weather was a bit all over the place, which we were not expecting. Luckily Robby had thrown in a couple of light sweatshirts as we headed out, and I'm so glad! Some people were there in their full on winter gear. I did good to have changed out of sandals for tennis shoes. The sun was in and out, but that made for some really awesome sights along the way.

Part of why we went last weekend was because the dogwoods are in bloom in the month of May. We saw blooming dogwoods last year in Yosemite, and last week when we were in Ohio (another post sometime), they were all abloom there! I love them so much. Totally worth a drive up to the park just to see their butterfly-like flowers everywhere.

The whole day was wonderful, and we hope this will be first of many trips this year!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Under the Lights

Can you believe it's May? May 10 to be exact. How did that happen? And how is it that the last time I posted was in March? I've been posting away at Citrus and Cream, but this blog (and other things...) have taken a backseat :( I hope to change that soon. School is out in just four weeks, so I'll have a summer to dive into some hobbies I love and miss.

This photo makes me smile. Yes it's posed. (Of course it is.) But it's a natural posed, if you know what I mean. Set the camera up, run out in the few seconds before it takes, then do something you want to do anyway, like wrap your arms around your hub and stick your leg up because you've always wanted to do that. :) We took this on our trip to Avila last summer, when we were still picking up the pieces from our IVF and wondering how in the world we would move on. A lot changes in a year. Now we're in the adoption process! I still can't believe that sometimes.

(By the way, we have a giveaway going on at C&C to win a canvas print. Of your own photo of choice, not one of this photo, ha! Only a few people have entered, so there's a good chance of winning.)

I look forward to writing more soon! There is so much to share!